Friday, October 5, 2012

le tour de vermont

This family meets every year in Stowe, and spends a week biking through Vermont.  So cool!  Vermont by bike has to be the best way to enjoy the fall here.

They are such a neat family, and so fun to photograph!  And Stowe is always a fun place to spend the day.

I love getting siblings together in a shot and asking them to spill dirt on each other.  There's usually a good story that puts a smile on (hopefully) everyone's face.  :)

Evidence that photoshoots often don't go as smoothly as you'd want, and sometimes kids aren't willing subjects.  But they're cute anyway. 


  1. I love the grandkid one. Sam cracks me up!

  2. Heather--You did an amazing job, especially given what you had to work with:) You're amazing--those pictures of the fall scenes are breathtaking. And trust me, Vermont by bike IS the best way to enjoy the fall.
    --Jessy Madsen (the one with the redheads)

  3. These are awesome!! How fun you got to meet the whole Madsen gang!