Monday, November 5, 2012

Jake and Amanda: South Burlington, Vermont Wedding

A beautiful fall day...a super adorable, and photogenic couple...two amazing and talented families and many friends to help celebrate.  It was a pretty great wedding.  Congratulations Jake and Amanda!

Seriously.  This girl can't take a bad picture.

These little moments that happen just before and just after the ceremony are one of my favorite things about photographing weddings. 

Amanda is a talented musician, and surprised Jake with a special song at the reception.

These guys really know how to dance!  


  1. No way! I just realized I totally know the Bride and her family! They used the gym where I used to work! The Blanfords! Awesome pictures, by the way, Heather :) Where were you when I got married?

  2. It took me the entire time to realize who you were photographing. Don't know how I missed that! Beautiful pictures!