Thursday, September 23, 2010

Joel and Kristina

I first met Joel and Kristina last Christmas eve on the U of A campus when I was invited to photograph Joel's proposal (as Wilbur the Wildcat) to Kristina. A little background info...Kristina used to be Wilma the Wildcat. So while they were in town visiting Kristina's family they all took a trip to campus. Joel had put together a fantastic plan to break away from the group and meet some U of A cheerleaders who supplied the mascot uniform. He returned with the cheerleaders as Wilbur...waving at everyone and being very mascot-ish. Then surprised Kristina when he got down on one knee to propose. My job was to hang out in the background, try not to be noticed too much, while capturing the event. It was surprisingly hard to blend in. There weren't very many people on campus, I had both my cameras, and I was trying position myself to capture everything.

Wilbur posing for a picture (this is before Kristina knows that it's Joel).

The proposal

The family

Fast forward several months...
Joel and Kristina were married last month at Saguaro Buttes Community Church. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony and reception, and it was so great to work with them again.

Joel and Kristina met in a choir...I love the little musical elements designed into their invites, and programs.

Love these shoes!

Isn't Kristina stunning!?

I love the desert theme and warm colors.

They had their schedule worked out to see each other before the ceremony.

Such a great looking couple!

The most stunning sunset just as the ceremony was ending.


  1. did you use strobes for the low light shots? like the cake cutting?

  2. I did use strobes for a lot of the reception shots, and the outdoor shots taken after dark. I didn't use a flash for the cake cutting...I used my new favorite lens (85mm prime 1.2), and there was some extra light on their faces from the videographers light.

  3. You did an amazing job Heather, I can SOOOOO see how much you are growing as a photographer. That is just so great!